Fuel Shortages

The availability of fuel within the United Kingdom is generally a reliable service. Yet there have been examples in recent years where there have been brief disruptions to the supply on a regional and national basis, affecting both individuals and businesses.

There could be disruption to the fuel supply for a number of different reasons. This could include a shortage of supply, a technical problem with a part of the fuel infrastructure, industrial action, or public protest. If there was a shortage, emergency and public essential services could be disrupted. Businesses should factor fuel shortages into their Business Continuity Management plan as it could cause major disruption for any service.

Be Prepared for Fuel Shortages

  • Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and well-maintained to maximise fuel efficiency.
  • Only use your vehicle when it is essential.
  • To conserve fuel, consider alternative means of transport such as walking, cycling and car-sharing.
  • Avoid panic buying if there is fuel shortages reported.
  • Don’t buy petrol to store if there is a shortage, it could be very dangerous. Keeping highly flammable fuel around the house will bring risks, no matter how small the amount or how carefully it is stored.

If you have any questions about the storage of petrol visit the Health and Safety Executive site which has advice on keeping you safe.